【57】Smart screen-Fingerprint identification system

Product Name: Smart Screen-Fingerprint identification system

Brief introduction

The system will deny to access when players put one finger on the fingerprint screen. But if the players find a magic key and use the key to crack the system, they will get the authority to access in. Then the players put one finger on the fingerprint screen once again, the system will accept the fingerprint and one lock will release.

About usage

How to reset?

There are two reset modes chosen in the setting page.

1) Realtime Mode: Remove the key to reset.

2) Once Mode: Repower to reset.

How to choose the reset mode?

1.Repower the prop, the system will enter the “Loading” progress bar page, click the hidden button on the top left of the screen to enter the setting page. On the setting page, room owners can choose reset mode.

2.Click the save button to finish the configuration after choosing one mode. Then system will play an audio and enter into game mode.

Product highlights

1. It supports multiple activation modes, IC card, magnet and key switch. Please contact us if you need another activation mode.

2. User can choose the reset mode.

3. User can revise the sound effect.

Prop list

One fingerprint screen system;

One key switch with two keys

One 12v power supply

Version introduction

1) IC card activation version: When put the IC card on the card reader, the system will be activated. After triggering successfully, take the IC card away to reset.

2) Magnet activation version: When take the magnet to touch the magnet sensor, the system will be activated. After triggering successfully, take the magnet away to reset.

3) Key switch activation version: Turn the key on the switch to activate the system. After triggering successfully, remove the key to reset.

How to change audio files?

Owners can change audio files via SD card in the controller.

Attention: please make a copy of the original sound files in your computer in case of wrong operation.

1.Sound file must be MP3 format. Just changing the suffix of the file directly is invalid.

2.The path cannot be changed, if you revise sound files from 01 folder, then you put it back to 01 folder rather than other folder.

3.File names cannot be changed, keep the file name same as original.

More details, please check the video via this link:


How to connect with 12V electromagnet lock?

The red wire of the controller should be connected to the red wire of the magnet lock.

The black wire of the controller should be connected to the black wire of the magnet lock.

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