【49】 Actuator Converter

Product name: Actuator Converter

Brief introduction

Actuator converter is used to make the prop trigger electric linear actuator.

Most of our props can unlock an 12v EM lock. However, sometimes the room owner wants to make the props to control an electric linear actuator. The actuator converter will help the props to control the electric linear actuator.

About Usages

How to reset?

By using the actuator converter, electric linear actuator will be controlled by props. The reset way of actuator depends on the reset way of the props.

Warm tip: auto-reset way doesn’t fit with this converter because players may be hurt if it reset automatically. The best reset way is re-power to reset if you want to use electric linear actuator.

Prop list

One converter

Kindly remind: This item is just a converter of actuator. Room owners should prepare the electric linear actuator and its power adapter.

Products Highlights

1. All the products which can control an 12v EM lock will be able to control an actuator by using this converter.

2.The actuator will have two different statuses. The first one is from shrinking to stretching. The second is from stretching to shrinking.

How to connect the props and electric linear actuator with actuator converter?

There are 3 group of wires. Please connect them as the pictures shows:

1. The red and black wire of actuator converter should be connected to the red and black wire from controller.

2. The yellow wires should be connected to the 12V 5A power supply which is for electric linear actuator.

3. The green wires should be connected to electric linear actuator.

The actuator has two different statuses (from shrinking to stretching and from stretching to shrinking) which depends on the way of connecting the green wires. Please exchange the positions of the two green wires connected to the electric linear actuator if the status is not you want.

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