【130】Memory panel

Product Name: Memory panel

Brief introduction

Players needs to remember the order of the lights flash, and enter the numbers in right order before the countdown ends to unlock.

About Usages

How to reset?

1. Press 8090 to reset.

2. Power off and re-power to reset.

How to revise the number of flashes?

1. Re-power the prop.

2. Press the number of flashes you want and press#. For example, if you want it to flash 6 times, please press 6#. Then the game starts.

3. The number of flashes can not exceed 40 times.

Product highlights

1. Uses can revise the number of flashes.

2. For with audio version, users can revise the audio by their own.

Prop list

One memory panel

One 12V power supply

How to connect with 12V electromagnet lock?

The red wire of the controller should be connected to the red wire of the magnet lock.

The black wire of the controller should be connected to the black wire of the magnet lock.

How to change audio files?

Owners can change audio files via SD card in the controller.

Attention: please make a copy of the original sound files in your computer in case of wrong operation.

1.Sound file must be MP3 format. Just changing the suffix of the file directly is invalid.

2.The path cannot be changed, if you revise sound files from 01 folder, then you put it back to 01 folder rather than other folder.

3.File names cannot be changed, keep the file name same as original.

More details, please check the video via this link:


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