【13】RFID Prop - with Relays Version

Product Name: RFID Prop - with Relays Version

Brief introduction

Each RFID card reader corresponds to a relay. If players put corresponding RFID cards on the card readers, the corresponding relays will be triggered. When players put all the RFID cards to corresponding card readers, the 12V EM lock will release with audio.

About Usages

How to reset?

There are 2 reset modes, room owner can revise it by TF card in the controller.

1) After triggering successfully, take any card away to reset.

2) Repower to reset.

Product highlights

1. Users can revise the game audio by TF card in the controller.

2. Users can revise the reset mode.

3. Users can connect 12V EM lock or 12V light for each RFID card reader.

Prop list

One controller

N RFID card readers

Two set of IC cards: a big size and a small size

*Sensing rang (Small card: 1-2CM . Big card: 2-3CM)

One relay module

One 12v power supply

One cable

Audio configuration

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