【12】Swipe RFID card - Sequence version

Prop name: Swipe RFID card - Sequence version

Brief introduction

Players hold an IC card and swipe it on multiple readers in the correct order, then an EM lock will released with audio.

How to reset?

There are 3 reset modes, you can revise it in 04 folder via TF card.

1) Wait for 30 seconds to reset automatically after triggered successfully.

2) Enter the passwords again to reset.

3) Repower to reset.

How to set the sequence?

1. Power off the prop.

2. Keep holding the set button on the controller to power on the prop, please let go when you hear the voice tips. Now you can set the sequence, then wait for 10 seconds, the prop will save the password automatically.

Product Highlight

1. This prop is a quite simple one in the room escape games. But it can be decorated into thousands of puzzles.

2. The IC card is small and thin, so it’s quite easy to be hidden in any kinds of objects.

3. Users can revise the audio in the TF card.

4. Users can set the sequence as password.

Prop list

Two set of IC cards: a big size and a small size

*Sensing rang(Small IC card: 1-2CM . Big IC card: 2-3CM)

One staff card

One controller

N card readers

One 12v power supply

Audio configuration

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