【20】Morse code telegraph keyboard

Product name: telegraph keyboard

Brief introduction

This is widely used in real life room escape game, there is a telegraph keyboard, adventurers have to find the password, (this means telegraph dripping rhythm) and press the keyboard with the right password, the door will open.

Detail introduction

1. When the power supply given to the equipment, the lock closes tightly.

2. For example, the password is “rose”.

In this way, players can transmit and receive letters that spelled words. So the right dripping rhythm is

3.After adventurers press the right password through the keyboard, the lock will release.

How to reset?

Enter the right password again to reset or power off to reset.

How to set the password?

The password can be 120 digits at most.

1. Power off the controller

2. Keep holding the black button of telegraph keyboard and get power 12v supply on the controller.

3. Till you heard sound voice then you can let go of your hand now, you can set the password now.

The long didi: more than 0.4 seconds

The short didi: when yoy heard di is ok.

4. After setting please wait for 10 seconds then the system will saved the password automatically.

Prop list

Part1. One telegraph keyboard

Part2. One controller


Part3. One 12v power supply

How to connect with 12V electromagnetic lock?

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