【10】One light sensor

Product name: One light sensor

Brief introduction

There is a magic flashlight or hard light like torch or laser pointer (Owner need provide of him own). Adventurers have to find the flashlight and shoot the right place in the receiver for one time, the EM lock opens. That means when the light sensor detected strong light, lock will release.

Product highlight

1. Audio can be revised of your own.(audio version)

2. If you want to add the number of light sensor, please feel free to contact.

Details introduction

1) . When players enter into the chamber room, they need to find a flashlight or laser pointer.(anything can emit strong laser)

2) . They need to use the flashlight to shoot the light sensor one time, when the light receiver detected the laser, the lock will release.

How to reset?

Auto-reset version:

It will reset automatically in 10 seconds after being triggered successfully.

Manual-reset version:
Power off and repower to reset.

Prop list

Part1. One controller

Part2. One light sensor

Part3. One 12v power supply

Warm reminder,the laser gun and the 12v EM lock are not included.

How to connect with 12v EM lock?

The red wire of the controller should be connected to the red wire of the magnet lock.

The black wire of the controller should be connected to the black wire of the magnet lock.

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