【6】Watering flower

Product name: Watering flower

There are two versions you can chosen.

①.With audio version, you can revise the audio of your own.

②.Non audio version

Prop highlight

1. Audio can be revised of your own.

2. This prop is easy to package.

Brief introduction

There is a vase which is filled with flowers, if you pour water into the vase, the door willopen . If the water pours out from the vase, the door will close again.

Details introduction

1). Room escape owner can fix two points on the vase.

2). When players enter into the chamber room, they will found the vase and a cup of water.

3). Players need to pour the water into the vase, this time the em lock will release.

How to reset ?

When the water pours out from the vase, the lock will close again.

Prop list

Part 1. One controller with 2 lines

Part 2. One 12v power supply

How to revise the sound files ?for audio version

Attention: please make a copy of the original sound files in case of wrong operation.

1). Sound file must be MP3 format, Directly change the suffix of the file is invalid

2). The path to the file cannot be changed, if you revise sound files from 01 file then put it back to 01 file, not other files.

3). File names cannot be changed, keep the file name same as original.

How to connect lines with 12v EM lock ?

The red line connect EM locks red line.

The black line connect 12VEM locks black line

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