【5】Knock puzzle

Product name: Knock puzzle-EM lock version

Brief introduction

This is to be used in reality room escape game, the adventurers should knock at the door with right rhythm pattern, For example: if the rhythm type is 2-3-2, firstly knock twice, secondly knock 3 times, thirdly knock twice again, then the door will open.

Prop list

Part 1. One 12V power adapter

Part 2. One controller

Part 3. One vibration sensor

Photo show

1)When the power supply (AC 100V~240V all usable) given to the props, the 12V EM lock closed tightly.

The sensor should be installed onto the door (fixed on front or back of the door both ok).

2) The adventurers should knock at the door with right rhythmic pattern which should be set in advance by the staff. For example, if the rhythm type is 2-3-2, firstly knock twice, secondly knock 3 times, thirdly knock twice again, then the door opens.

3) After the adventurers knocked the door with right rhythm type, the door opens

Products Highlights

User can REVISE the rhythm password.

User can REVISE the TF sound.

How to reset?

Knock again to reset.

How to change the knock sequence?

keep the controller being power off

keep pressing the red button on the controller and put power 12V on the controller till you heard sound voice then you can

let go of your hands then follow the voice tips

(Please let go of your hand now, you can set the knocking pattern now.

Two knocking time shall be within three seconds, Knocking times shall not exceed fifteen times .After setting please wait for ten seconds then the knocking pattern will saved automatically.)

Attention: the system will kindly remind your knocking pattern .The knocking times should be same as what you have been set; if it is not ; you should set it again.

How to revise the sound files?

Attention: please make a copy of the original sound files in case of wrong operation.

Sound file must be MP3 format, Directly change the suffix of the file is invalid

2)The path to the file cannot be changed, if you revise sound files from 01 file then put it back to 01 file, not other files.

3)File names cannot be changed, keep the file name same as original.

How to adjust the sensitivity of knock sensor

Firstly you need open the vibration sensor and find a screwdriver.

You will see there is a blue knob rotary knob, you can use the screwdriver to rotate the blue knob, rotate left or right, either side can be rotate.

Normally ;there is on light lighting ;when the sensor detect knocking & heavy sounds ;the second light will turn on; when knocking disappear, the second light will turn off too.

When you get to see too lights turn on, this is the highest sensitivity position,

that means it is very easy to trigger when you adjust to this position, easy to

detect other knocking sound.

How to connect with 12V electromagnetic lock?

The red wire of the controller should be connected to the red wire of the magnet lock.

The black wire of the controller should be connected to the black wire of the magnet lock



1. I have tested the puzzle when I received it, and I decorated it on my escape room door, but it does not work well now.

Please re-set the password and try again.

2. I don’t like the sound when opening the door.

This success audio can be changed. You can replace it with a blank audio. If you need the blank audio, please feel free to contact.

3.I’d like the rhythm password as 1-9-8-1, but I failed to change it.

The total rhythm can be 2-15 times.

4.Hi, the sensor is not very sensitive. We need to knock it hard to trigger it. Can we make it more sensitive?

Yes. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted. Both high sensitivity and low sensitivity are available. Please refer to the manual to change it.

5. How many codes can I set for the knock puzzle?

The code is from 2 to 15 times. Please pay attention that the pause between each knock should be less than 3 seconds. Please refer to the picture.


6.Does the controllers that have audio, have the possibility to output the audio to our own speakers? Or only to speakers in the controller?

For this prop, there is a small horn in the controller.

If the sound is not enough, you can connect a 12V loudspeaker directly to the controller. Here I attached a picture for your reference as below.


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